The Audocs experience and know how is the difference in our information age. It doesn’t matter how big your staff is or how long your money is, its about getting things done and that’s what we do.

Audocs started out as specialist in music placement. Utilizing a major label product placement process with an independent incite. Ahead of the curve in 2016, experience a know how outweighed any competitor. Now in 2020, Audocs emerges as music metadata goes mainstream.

Audocs began in 2008 with over 10 years of music industry knowledge. The idea of implementing a grade A music commerce model in 2008 was new. Including an extended 70 week product placement and marketing initiative. Looking for the greatest impact in the market. Now 12 years later, the music industry has shifted again. And the use of a major label record placement model is no longer viable. Audocs takes into consideration every aspect of the supply chain.

The market is unpredictable with largest input thru various channels and low-returns. In a mature market, Audocs has found the most direct methods of getting music out. Qualified and injected into retail and radio. While keeping a close watch on the market.

By working with labels from the ground floor. Audocs absorbs the current music swing towards independent artists. Empowered, in control, of their own music. Artists and independent labels are responsible for their assets. Often guiding and aiding overwhelmed artists and labels. Including metadata, article and press release, radio promotions. Audocs provides collectors edition vinyl, and one-off CD fulfillment.

Audocs maintains in-house manufacturing and fulfillment. Affording the most cost effective fulfillment of low to high volume pressings of music on vinyl, cd or dvd’s. Now artists and labels can focus on marketing. Initiating and maintaining their own campaigns. While Audocs product fulfillment handles the rest.


Audocs inherited over 50 accounts of digital and physical music retailers in its 2015 merger with FKACO. These accounts where independent and delivered by Audocs. FKACO was a label that bolstered its supply chain. By taking the time to put in place powerful contracts. Legal connections and clearance related issues. Clearing the path for independent artists, publishers and companies. In the merger, Audocs opted-out of all contracts and aggregation duties. Deciding to fill in the cracks and establish its own manufacturing and fulfillment. In 2019, this culminated.

Digital aggregation no longer, sales and accounts no problem. Marketing options are available with manufacturing and fulfillment of CD & LP is in-house.

Product Placement Specialist

Audocs maintains to manage cutting edge approaches and placement strategies. Maximizing the visibility of releases and brands. This medium includes the digital and physical realm. And Audocs own streamable database. To radio ‘On-Air’ placement in North America to retail marketing initiatives worldwide. It took 4 years to get a grip on the manufacturing and fulfillment process of Vinyl and CD’s. Now Audocs offers one-off to full run that eliminates the complex path of going to market.

Physical Releases

Vinyl, CD & USB-Albums come with gratis digital delivery. From one record to unlimted album releases. These retail ready pressings are ready to ship in 7-14 days. Whether to you or customers. Our solution goes head-to-head with any product on the market. We also provide top-down services from marketing to fullfilment & promotional streams.

Protected Assets

Audocs provides post-purchase secure online transfer of audio files from our server. All files have open access for customers or use custom passcodes. We also provide 1-time use 'Burn-Codes'. Customers get a direct link to their email address. Allowing a 'No navigating away', persistent download experience. Manuel burn-codes are campaign persistent and work well with our Audi0FILE service.

Download Codes

All uploaded assets groups come with web address/code and qr code. Our custom 'AuX' code is traceable with my.dnld short links. Customers are able to click the link, view each item or use a passcode to download. We include pdf's, qr codes, rss feeds and Json scripts for easy customer retrieval. Use lightweight pdfs to market by email. Get creative and feed by XML or Access with API.


Audocs promo streaming database provides unbranded embeddable music players for artists & labels . As a promotional format, streaming has proven its capacity. Ease of access, no-physical warehousing requirements nor shipping cost. The days of promo vinyl and cds are gone. Get Started Today by submitting your music & Contacting Audocs!