Physical Releases

Vinyl, CD & USB-Albums come with gratis digital delivery. From one record to unlimted album releases. These retail ready pressings are ready to ship in 7-14 days. Whether to you or customers. Our solution goes head-to-head with any product on the market. We also provide top-down services from marketing to fullfilment & promotional streams.

Protected Assets

Audocs provides post-purchase secure online transfer of audio files from our server. All files have open access for customers or use custom passcodes. We also provide 1-time use 'Burn-Codes'. Customers get a direct link to their email address. Allowing a 'No navigating away', persistent download experience. Manuel burn-codes are campaign persistent and work well with our Audi0FILE service.

Download Codes

All uploaded assets groups come with web address/code and qr code. Our custom 'AuX' code is traceable with my.dnld short links. Customers are able to click the link, view each item or use a passcode to download. We include pdf's, qr codes, rss feeds and Json scripts for easy customer retrieval. Use lightweight pdfs to market by email. Get creative and feed by XML or Access with API.


Audocs hit the vacum with USB-Album. As our format of choice, USB-A have Greatest HD capacity, least physical storage requirements and shipping weight. Custom USB Albums are great mediums or inserts for projects. High-capacity, lightweight and inexpensive to make and ship. Get Started Today by mocking up your USB-Album & Contacting Audocs!