TYCOON Pledge Machine

Posted on: 01/06/2019

Audocs kicked of 2019 with its latest tool for Artists, Labels & PROS. The TYCOON Pledge machine is a standalone message based pledge form that allows fans and customers to support merchandise and other physical or digital assets. Based on an open eCommerce model, TYCOON’s invoice based system accommodates ‘CC not present transaction.’ The simple invoicing service allows customers from B2B (Business to business) or B2C (Business to customer) the buying of Cd’s, Vinyl, USB Albums and Apparel. Most orders include standard shipping costs.

By Pledging the amount indicated global buyers now can place their orders for any in-stock item. Once the order is placed, Audocs staff receives a message within 5 minutes. To ensure the order a message will be returned within 2-3 hours between office hours and 24 hours otherwise. The customer can or will be contacted via telephone and or email. In addition customers may call Audio Documents inc. to place their order. Once the order is confirmed an invoice will be rendered and emailed. Customers may pay by phone or online. Once the transaction posts, the products will be shipped and digital file links are emailed to the customer.

Correct delivery address supplied by the customer, home or POB. 3rd party or Gift purchases or out-of-town deliveries must be approved by Audio Documents Inc. in advance with notice to the 3rd party address.

Audocs client labels, artists and PROS also fund projects with TYCOON.


JAMi PROS Delivery Service

Posted on: 10/09/2018

JAMi PROS Catalog Administration includes delivery for Artists, Labels and PROS. All custom endpoint deliveries include metadata sheet, asset coding (audio, video artwork) to specification of delivery point. All deliveries are based on a minimum 30 cent per asset fee per delivery point. Singles are usually delivered under 1 USD. Albums are usually delivered under 5 USD. For multiple catalog / back catalog delivery fees please contact Audio Documents, Inc. (office at

Please Note: Raw file prep is not included in custom endpoint delivery. Mixing, Mastering, Per song metadata coding and pre-retail preparation such as Gracenote, Nielson, Mediabase, Audible Magic and other post retail deliveries of metadata and assets have separate costs. We are able to comprehensively prepare and deliver 1 album for a time fee of 10$ US, including all services mentioned. Customers will also receive all data sheets and assets.

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