delivers and connects businesses and artists based networks establishing profitable transactions with our in-house workflow or custom workflow per client.
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Audio Documents, Inc. dba ''Audocs'', a media industry asset delivery tool, top down compliant front to back system that also serves as a deploy-able out the box music industry metadata, physical and digital conversion system for Artists, Indie labels and Corporate publishers.


AUDOCS Integration connects small business and artists based network relationships established harmony & Unity with the heart felt gesture of Gift giving. This emerging industry is called GRATIS.

Audio Documents (Audocs) has launched its first global business based technology, service and solution. It is DNLD software as a service (SAAS) innovation. Initiated in 2011, DNLD now offers asset storage, B2C (gratis) media delivery and merchandise fulfillment . The DNLD media based multi-level library handles retrieval for customers with unique url, electronic QR code handoff, asset download pages, iPDF's and more.