There's nothing simplistic about the music of west coast visionary soul artist Basmala. He prefers to push boundaries, and bridge gaps between genres, and generations. The style he created, and dubbed visionary soul, is a mixture of computer based production, and live percussion, that brings together elements of hip-hop and electronic music. The sound has a soulful ambience, as it's built on a layered combination of classic hip-hop drums, harmonious vocals, and abstract rap lyrics based in social commentary, and individual enlightenment.

  • Produced ByBasmala
  • Feat.Atiq, Mikial, Mumblz Medina
  • GenreHip-Hop, Ambient, Left-Field


Los Angeles native and Brooklyn dweller T.iM (also known as Theimagination), makes tracks with many. Theimagination releases YO TiM, Where U Been, Beat Archives: Volumes 1-4 on Culture Digital Music in collaboration with FKA Co.

  • Produced ByTheimagination
  • Feat.Timothy Franklin
  • GenreHip-Hop, Instrumentals